Our vision is to erase the stigma of mental illness

Have you ever wondered why 'get well' wishes pour in for physical illness, yet mental illness is met with 'judgment, confusion or radio silence'? Ignorance stands between the stark reality of mental illness and a cure that can save lives and restore individuals, families and communities to wholeness.

Lets imagine for a moment, the cure lives in our hearts? What is now possible when we open our hearts, show compassionate, stay curious, be courageous and stand together with conviction while fully suspending judgment?

Let's join our hands, hearts and minds together to create a world where there is no discrimination for any form illness. Let's raise our awareness by raising our consciousness and heal the world one person at a time.

Our commitment is to share profits for increasing awareness of mental illness and addiction. When an illness does not discriminate, then who are we to discriminate against it.