'Our goal is to provide a rich leadership experience'

Discover the Science of Character that explores neuroscience and social science. Immerse into the age old wisdom and new insights that has the power to optimize your ‘Leadership Presence’, ‘Leadership Influence’, and a ‘Team Climate of Innovation’.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand motivations, drives and fears
  • Identify stress triggers and reactions of self and others
  • Practice the steps to positive presence
  • Develop your unique personas for increased alignment
  • Learn to expand your positive influence
  • Recognize how context influences the way others perceive you
  • Learn to use intentional choices and the habits of change to further develop an agile mindset
  • Develop team agility and flow to ensure ongoing competitive relevance
  • Use the Tilt framework to implement a Team Agility Strategy
  • Use the Character Strengths approach to increase velocity of productivity and innovation

Leadership Transformation

An individual's success, in the world of chaos, requires an unbroken commitment to self-knowledge for uncovering personal biases. Biases, also known as blindspots, are the root cause for counter-produ


Team Transformation

A team's success, in the world of ambiguity, requires an unbroken trust in others. We provide tools for creating a safe space for healthy group dynamics to understand and experience the power of colle


Cultural Transformation

An organization's success, in a world where collaboration between business competitors brings mutually beneficial results, requires organizations to be nimble and fully understand their cultural DNA t