Bliss is in Knowing the Self

Bliss is in Knowing the Self

Bliss is in Knowing the Self is a guide for discovering human greatness where miracles become an everyday possibility.  The experience with the Self transcends humans from ordinary to extraordinary beings.  We are born impeccably astonishing; however, the restrictions and fears we adopt while growing up makes us ordinary.  Once we form a relationship with the Self, it demystifies the essence of life, uncovering the wisdom and power of being human.

‘All great thinkers have affirmed the importance of self-knowledge, but actually getting to know ourselves is a difficult and complex challenge.  Let Neerja Bhatia help you in your quest for self knowledge and lasting joy!’  – Matthew Kelly, Author of Perfectly Yourself and The Seven Levels of Intimacy

‘As a seasoned psychotherapist who has seen several thousand clients over my 30 years of practice, I have repeatedly learned the importance of how we define ourselves.  Neerja explains in spiritual and practical terms how the transformation of how we act depends on who we are.  This book is worth reading and pondering, as living is a spiritual art and not a mechanical science.’  – Martin M. Shinedling, Ph.D., L.P.

‘The first thing that comes to mind when I read this book is ‘complete’ – a breath of fresh air!’  – Kathleen D. Mailer Author of 101 THings That YOU Are!

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