How does one quantify the power of being?

The key difference between an ordinary leader and transformational leader is the ability to know and intervene in the highest leverage point within a system. Most tools used for problem solving are geared towards the outer two layers of ‘Doing’ and ‘Thinking,’ whether it is increasing, decreasing or enhancing what is. However, any change made to the outermost layer can refine or fine tune the results at the most. In other words, more ‘Doing’ and ‘Thinking’ from the same mindset will ultimately create more of what has been. “Doing’ is highly effective in putting out fires. ‘Thinking’ on the other hand is effective in preventing fires for the most part, especially if those fires have been dealt with before. When the results of ‘Visioning’ are communicated effectively throughout the organization, it expedites achievement of desired results. ‘Being’ brings about clarity and focus empowering confidence in shaping the future. ‘Being’ has a ripple effect from the inside out and impacts the quality of thinking and doing.

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